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Investing in gold and silver coins, bars and rounds

There are lots of different ways of investing your money. You can invest in stocks, options or futures. But all these ways do not give you something valuable, something you can take in your hands.

But if you invest in the precious metals you receive the very hard assets. I mean physical precious metal products like bullion bars, coins or rounds.

Investing in bullion products, especially in gold and silver bullion coins and bars, is very popular among the investors. And buying gold and silver coins is not only very good investment but is very interesting too. Collecting gold and silver coins may be is the most popular way of investing in the physical precious metals.

1-oz silver coins

1-oz silver coins are much more affordable for private investors than gold bullion coins because the price of gold is much higher than the silver price. It is the reason of the popularity of 1-oz silver coins these days.

And while 1-oz silver coins carry higher premium over spot price of silver than 100-oz silver bars, collecting the 1-oz silver coins is much more attractive and easy.

About 1-oz silver coins

There are lots of different 1-oz silver coins but the main feature of all the 1-oz silver coins is their legal tender status. All these 1-oz silver coins are issued and guaranteed by the governments and all the coins have the face value.

Mexican Silver Libertad

But there are also coins like silver products called “1-oz silver rounds”. 1-oz silver rounds are minted by private companies and do not have any face value.

1-oz silver rounds usually carry lower premium over spot silver price than 1-oz silver coins but the bullion coins are much more popular and more liquid.

1-oz silver bullion coins usually minted from .999 or .9999 pure silver. You can buy also the coins with the lower silver content (as low as 50%) but these coins are not bullion coins. Such coins are called “junk coins” or “junk silver” and are not recommended for serious investing.

While there are fractional gold coins (1/10-oz, 1/4-oz or 1/2-oz) the most countries produce 1-oz silver coins only.

Types of the 1-oz silver coins

There are many various 1-oz silver coins issued in the world. Australia produce 1-oz silver Kookaburra coin, China mint 1-oz Panda silver coin, Russia, Austria and many other countries make 1-oz silver coins too. But may be the most popular 1-oz silver coins in the world are American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and Mexican Silver Libertad.

I recommend including these 1-oz silver coins in your investment portfolio or collection of coins.

Buying 1-oz silver coins

You can buy 1-oz silver coins without any problem. A lot of precious metals dealers and coin dealers sell 1-oz silver coins.

You can buy 1-oz silver coins offline or online. These days Internet offer the best deals. You can find 1-oz silver coins online with the lowest premium.

Ebay is the most popular and convenient place to buy 1-oz silver coins. There are lots of seller who offer American Silver Eagles, Mexican Silver Libertad coins, Canadian Silver Maple and many other 1-oz silver coins from worldwide.

When buying on Ebay you should stick to reputable sellers only with 99.9% or 100% feedback.

There are also other good places to buy 1-oz silver coins online. You can find good offers on Amazon, COMEX, APMEX and the largest online dealers’ websites.

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