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Know more about history of english gold coins

Know more about history of English gold coins

Gold has always been a valuable metal in all nations. Throughout the ancient history, gold has been used as a universal currency for purchasing, selling and barter system. Gold is available in many forms such as gold bars, gold coins, jewelry, etc. Among these gold coins are the most popular forms. Gold coins are also available in many types and among all English gold coins are one of the most famous and widely circulated coins in the contemporary world.

History of English gold coins

English gold coins are great as its name. Despite being a modern day coin, English gold coins ooze a rich and a long history. These English gold coins are famous for their incredible appearance, numismatic significance and bullion value. English gold coins are ancient and bear a higher value than the current gold coins available in the market.

English gold coins – Florin

The first English gold coins of the history were the Florin. It was minted in Florence and therefore, was named Florin. King Edward III produced this coin in the year 1344 in an attempt to start gold coinage. The coin was also known as the double leopard as it bore the image of a king with two leopard heads.

However, within few months the coin was withdrawn as merchants refused to accept it due to its overvalued content. Today, these are the rarest English gold coins and therefore, they have an immense value. In the year 2006, a specimen was sold for 4, 60,000 pounds at an auction.

Noble – produced in Bulk

The English coin Noble was produced just after the Florin and was the first English gold coins to be produced in a huge quantity. Noble English gold coins remained in circulation till the year 1465 and then was replaced by the Ryan English gold coins. These gold coins have various designs depending on where and when they were minted.

British Sovereigns

In the year 1489 Henry VII issued sovereign English gold coins that had a value of 20 shillings. The use of the coin was stopped in the year 1604 and again started in 1817. The first design of the coin had an image of the king seated at the throne.

Guinea Gold coin

This was the first machine made English gold coins minted in the year 1663. The name Guinea was derived from a place in West Africa from where the gold was sourced. In 1816, the old Guinea was replaced by British gold coin.

Value of English gold coins

Ever since English gold coins was minted, they shared a consistent value as people were fascinated by these coins. Today, these coins are rare, and hence they have a much greater value than the recent coins traded in the market. The value of these coins directly varies with rarity. Investment in English gold coins is always considered to be a smart decision as these coins have an historical value and it is assured they never become worthless and their value is going to enhance.

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