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Today, European gold coins are often overlooked as a lucrative investment. British Sovereigns, Roosters – French franc Angels, Helvetia – Swiss Helveticas and Bullion coins are some of the types of European gold coins produced during the ancient and medieval period. Today, these coins are not circulating but investors and collectors can easily find these old European gold coins to choose from. Since today’s gold investors have so many modern gold options at their disposal, most of them do not even know that European gold coins exist.

Value of European gold coins

European gold coins provide an extraordinary value to those investors who desire to build their strong asset portfolio at cheaper bargain prices. These collectable, rare and historical European gold coins have a higher market value and premium that modern gold coins do not offer.

There is a double profit opportunity in European gold coins because their value increases with an increase in gold prices as well with an increase in collectors demand. Since European gold coins have a limited supply there price can even escalate when there is no movement in gold prices or the prices are falling.

European gold coins as an Investment

European gold coins create an amazing opportunity for investors as they are often overlooked. They have the same price as that of an ounce. Most of the European gold coins have a weight of 1/4th ounce or even smaller than this because they were earlier used as a form of money. Their light weight assures easy transport. These gold coins provide complete privacy to the investor.
Since they are regarded as scarce collectibles, it is not mandatory to report them to Internal Revenue services. However, most of modern gold coins need to be reported. Moreover, according to the present US law, classic gold coins having a historical significance are exempted from confiscation during times of national emergencies. And modern gold can be recalled.

Benefits of European gold coins

When compared to modern gold coins, European gold coins offer numerous benefits.

European gold coins are high in gold content. Most of the European gold coins possess gold content of more than 90%. Some coins even have 97% to 98% gold, and therefore they are as valuable as the metal itself.

European gold coins are recognized internationally. Since they are known all across the world, it is very easy to trade them. Moreover, these coins also have a broad and a liquid market.

European gold coins are highly scarce as they were minted before World War I. Since they are no more in circulation and have a limited supply, they carry amazing premiums and high value.

Where to buy european gold coins

It is very difficult to trace European gold coins in the local market or with the local dealer as they are rare. The easiest way to procure European gold coins is to execute the transaction over the internet. There are many websites that solely deal in European gold coins and possess a satisfactory reputation.

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