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Silver Mexican Coins Overview

There are many silver bullion coins issued in the world: American Silver Eagles, Canadian silver Maple Leaf coins, Australia Silver Kookaburra, Russian George the Victorious, Chinese Silver Panda and so on. Silver Mexican coins are presented by Mexican Silver Libertad coins.

Mexican Silver Libertad is one of the most popular silver Mexican coins. The coin are made from .999 fine silver and minted since 1982. The weight and purity of all the Silver Mexican Coins are guaranteed by the Mexican Government.

There are also Mexican Gold Libertad coins and Mexican Platinum Libertad coins.

Design of Mexican Coins

There are two different design of Mexican Silver Libertad: the old design and the new one. On the observe of Mexican Silver Libertad is a winged Victoria in front of volcanoes landscape while on the reverse of the coin is the Mexican Coat of Arms. The design of the new version carries a winged Victoria in another angle on the observe and the Mexican Coat of Arms surrounded by historical Mexican coats of arms on the reverse.

1-oz Mexican Silver Libertad coins

Specifications of Silver Mexican Coins

You can buy Mexican Silver Libertad in 1/20, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 5 oz (troy ounces) and in 1 kilo weight. (there are also Mexican gold Libertad in 1/20, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 1 oz only).

1-oz Mexican Silver Libertad minted since 1982, in 1991 the smaller sizes were introduced and in 1996 started production of 2 and 5 oz these silver Mexican coins. Minting of 1 kilo Silver Libertad started in 2002.

Another Silver Mexican Coins: Mexican Silver Onza

There are also another silver Mexican coins: Mexican Silver Onza. These coins made from sterling silver and contain 92.5% of fine silver. The actual weight of silver in Mexican Silver Onza is 1 ozt.

You can buy also 1968 Olympic Mexican Silver 25 Pesos coins sometimes. These coins contain 0.5209 oz of pure silver. This 1968 Mexican Silver 25 Pesos coin was minted to commemorate the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. There are Aztec dancer and Olympic symbol on the observe of the coin and an Eagle on the reverse.

1-oz Mexican Silver Onza

Investing in Silver Mexican Coins

Investing in silver coins is one of the most convenient and practical way of investing in silver bullion. Silver Mexican Coins are harder to find than American Eagles or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. But you should buy a few silver Mexican coins and include them in your investment portfolio.

Silver Mexican Coins including Mexican Silver Libertad and Mexican Silver Onza are very liquid and can be sold anytime.

The price of silver Mexican coins is based on the spot silver price. You can find updated spot silver price on our site. Silver Mexican coins have a little premium over spot silver.

You can buy silver Mexican coins direct from various local and online sources. Check your local gold and silver shops, coin shops or local bullion dealers. Look for silver Mexican coins on online dealer’s websites, on auction sites (Ebay and so on), APMEX, COMEX and MONEX.

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