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All you need to know about Palladium Coins

All you need to know about Palladium Coins

Palladium coins are nothing but coins manufactured out of silver metal – palladium. The metal is rare and palladium coins are internationally recognized under the status of ISO 4217. However, this is not only the single reason behind its popularity and fame. It has also emerged as a renowned investment option. Palladium coins are light in weight and the investor has the advantage of cheaper shipping costs.

History of Palladium coins

The African country – Sierra Leone was the first country to launch palladium coins officially in the year 1966. Soon after it, Tonga which is a South Pacific country also started issuing palladium coins from the year 1967. This led to an emergence of a new trend, and many countries followed the trend.

Today, France, Portugal, Soviet Union, Russia, Australia, China and Slovakia have issued their own versions of palladium coins. In total 92 types of palladium coins have been created till date. The palladium metal is rare and the almost 80% of the production is dominated by Russia and South Africa. The lowest mintage has been done by Canada. It produced only 1200 palladium coins that were made available in 4 versions representing 4 seasons.

Palladium coins as an investment

More and more people all across the world are purchasing palladium coins (and palladium bars) as an investment. Palladium coins contain around 92% to 99% pure palladium and therefore, palladium coins are as valuable as the metal itself. Some companies have also manufactured special type of palladium coins that does not tarnish when brought in contact with air.

Types of Palladium bullion coins

Though Palladium coins are not as popular as gold and silver coins, but they have been in circulation for almost more than 40 years. In the late 2000, palladium metal reached a soaring price of $1100 per ounce and most of the investors sold their coins to make a handsome amount of money. Most of the palladium bullion coins sold during that time were melted and used for industrial purpose. Some palladium coins that survived this melting can be found in the secondary market.

Today, the most popular coin traceable is the Palladium Maple Leafs manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint in the year 2005-2007 and since 2009. There is a symbol of maple leaf on one side of the coin and a picture of Queen Elizabeth on the other. There is only size of this coin. It has a weight of 1 ounce and is 99.95% pure. So it is assured that coin is a safe investment. Palladium Maple Leaf is a good addition to your portfolio of Silver Maple Leaf coinsGold Maple Leaf coins and Platinum Maple Leaf coins.

Palladium Maple Leaf Coins are very liquid so you can sell them any time. And it is better to invest in Palladium Maple Leaf Coins than in 1-oz Credit Suisse palladium bars or 1-oz PAMP palladium bars.

Palladium Saint Gaudens are the others famous palladium coins.

There is a pentagon shaped palladium coin also available. It was manufactured by Slovakia in the year 2004 and is a mixture of palladium and gold.

Buy Palladium coins online

It is impossible to find palladium bullion coins in the local stores due to its limited supply. Hence, the best way to buy palladium coins is online. There are several renowned firms selling palladium coins. Known dealers like eBay and Amazon also deal in it. Hence you need not worry for the quality and payment options.

Palladium Saint Gaudens

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