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About Silver Bullion Coins

Silver bullion coins (as well as gold bullion coins) are a very popular way to invest in precious metals. They are affordable, readily available and attractive.

Most silver bullion coins issued in a standard 1-oz size. Usually silver bullion coins have 99.9% of pure silver.

Buying Silver Bullion Coins

Where can you buy the silver bullion coins? First, try your local bullion dealers or coin dealers. Also you can find many offers of silver bullion coins on EBay.

Try to find silver coins for sale – you receive best value. Buy silver coins at the lowest price.

Silver Bullion Coins

There is a lot of silver bullion coins issued worldwide:

1982 – Mexico – Libertad. 1/20-oz, 1/10-oz, 1/4-oz, 1/2-oz, 1-oz, 2-oz, 5-oz, 1 kg. Silver purity: 99.99 %

1986 – United States – Silver Eagle. 1-oz. Silver purity: 99.9 %

1988 – Canada – Maple Leaf. 1-oz. Silver purity: 99.99 %

1990 – Australia – Silver Kookaburra. 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz, 1 kg. Silver purity: 99.9 %

1997 – United Kingdom – Britannia. 1/10-oz, 1/4-oz, 1/2-oz, 1-oz. Silver purity: 95,8 %

1999 – Australia – Lunar. 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz, 1 kg. Silver purity: 99.9 %

Australian Silver Koala Coin

2007 – Australia – Koala. 1 oz. Silver purity: 99.9 %

2008 – Austria – Philharmonic. 1-oz. Silver purity: 99.9 %

2009 – Russia – George the Victorious. 1.01-oz. Silver purity: 99.9 %

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins

American Eagles are the most popular silver bullion coins. They are selling in plastic coin tubes of 20 by the United States Mint but you can buy one Eagle coin from your silver dealer or online.

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2010 American Silver Eagle Coin

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